Science Update

The science plan for the day has been temporarily placed on hold due to thick ice. As we exited the Bismark Strait, we experienced thicker ice than expected. The original plan was to deploy a trace metal CTD cast at 0700. The plan then shifted to after lunch. We currently have an open ended plan. Whenever we can get to the station and create a large enough hole in the ice, we will deploy the CTD. The RVIB Palmer's ice breaking capabilities are definitely required today. The ice is so thick that the seals are finding lots of places to rest. Crabeater seals are in large groups all around the vessel. Watch this video to see the RVIB Palmer cutting through the thick ice in the area. A special thanks to Lucas Buckingham and Connie Merigo for the GoPro equipment!

PolarConnect Highlights

Dr. Bethany Jenkins (URI) and I just finished our PolarConnect Event. It was wonderful to get a chance to share my experience with so many participants. My favorite part was the question and answer period! Thank you to everyone for the great questions! The science team surprised me with ice cream and brownies after the event. What a great group of people to work with!

PolarConnect Event
Cara Pekarcik and Dr. Bethany Jenkins (URI) answer questions from participants in the PolarConnect event held on October 3, 2016. Photo courtesy Chris Linden.

Celebration brownies
In honor of a successful PolarConnect event, the science team hosted an afternoon brownie and ice cream party.

Nerdy ice cream
When you have a group of scientists, why just eat store-bought ice cream? Maia Theophanis, Alexa Sterling and Dr. Dreux Chappell use liquid nitrogen to make a raspberry/chocolate chip ice cream for the celebration.

Weather Summary
Sunny and clear
Wind Speed
5-10 knots
Wind Chill