Andy’s spectacular tale of ozonesonde retrieval **   **Temperature: -27.9 C, - 18. 1F Windchill: **- 36 C, - 32.8 F **Wind: 4 knots Weather: Clear

    It was another late night of sorting photos and organizing for the holiday journals. However, I was able to get up early and post everything.  The questions and comments are also updated! Thank you all for all the questions.

    As you noticed, the daily data collection at ARO continued during the holidays. All the instruments have to be checked and the Dobson data has to be collected. Air samples have to be taken. The work has to be done to assure continues data collection.

    And today was a perfect day to continue the surface ozone balloon flight: bright and sunny with little wind. Today was also a good chance to retrieve the ozonesonde with the GPSA Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system used to track the location or position of objects on the Earth’s surface. instrument.

    Amy and Andy were quick to prepare everything and soon we were ready for the launch right after the take off of two planes.

    Leaving the BIF with the Pink Elke is leaving the BIF with the pink surface ozone balloon.*

    Hold on! Elke is readjusting the grip to the balloon as she is ready for the launch.*

    Aligning for the launch! Elke, Andy and Amy are aligning the balloon, "cut-off device” and ozonesonde for the launch.*

    Almost ready to let go! Almost ready to let go! Elke is taking a few steps to let the balloon go.*

    Balloon is let go! Balloon is let go! Andy will let go of the device next, then Amy will let go of the ozonesonde.*

    Perfect Launch The balloon with the instrument is in the air. The first small white structure is the "cut-off –device”, followed by the orange parachute and the white ozonesonde box.*

    This was a perfect launch. We could follow the balloon with our eyes and observe the detachment from the balloon.

    Andy and Katie were following the balloon with the snow mobile. Andy almost caught the sonde "in flight”. All instruments were retrieved and in perfect condition!!

    Off to get the balloon Andy and Katy are starting to follow the balloon.*

    After an evening of writing, taking care of mail, and searching through the special book selection here on station, I went outside around midnight to take pictures in the sun from the North! Imagine glorious sunshine form the North.  That was the perfect direction to get shots of the old Dom. It is now used for food storage. I was thinking about how another era at the South Pole will come to an end.

    During the official inauguration of the New Station, the American flag will be transferred over to the New Station. Then a last historic picture will be taken with all on station inside the Dom. The plan is to save the Dom by taken it down and reassemble it as a museum somewhere in the US. I heard it will be technically a very difficult job. I hope it can be done. It would be a pity to have the beautiful Dom lost for others to see. It served South Pole for so many years!     The old Dom The Dom served for almost 40 years as the second station here at South Pole.*