Running around the world 3 times in 2.5 miles!

    Temperature:  - 28.5 C, - 18.9F Windchill: -39.8C, - 39.5 F Wind: 3 knots Weather: clear and sunny

    I went up at 7:30am to call my family in Germany. It was 7:30 pm for them at Christmas Eve, just the right time to call.

    The race was supposed to start at 10 am followed with a wonderful brunch. I had time to get a bowl of oatmeal, some fruits and tea, and check my emails. Then I got dressed for the race. I went out early to see all participants arrive in their creative outfits or means of transportation.

    The race was 3 times around the world: a total of 2.5 miles.

    All vehicles accepted The race started next to the South Pole. Some of the drivers with thier  heavy machinery were already waiting.*

    **Erin from New Zealand ** Erin, a mechanic, is from New Zealand.*

    Skirts allowed Craig the maintenance specialist is ready to race.*

    Gathering at the start line. Over 100 people from South Pole are gathering to start the "Race Around the World”.

    Warming up at - 19 F. Dough and Joanne MacCartney are warming up before the start. Joanne is a cook and Dough is a carpenter.*

    Almost like Halloween Some racers dressed in costumes.*

    Bicycles allowed at South Pole! Andy and Kate are cycling around the world.*

    A tree around the world The carpenters are taking their tree around the world.*

    Remote cars can race as well! Larry from the electronic department is taking his remote controlled car around the world.*

    Racers from afar. A lot of people were running, many were walking.*

    The South Pole Telescope team made it Many racers took pictures at this tree at the end of the race. This is the team of the South Pole telescope.*

    Merry Christmas from the South Pole I am very happy  I made it through the end of the race: half walking and half running. Elke wishes you now all a very Merry Christmas from the South Pole.*

    **360 degree image of the South Pole ** 360 Degree image in the glass ball of the ceremonial Pole after the race!*

    Freezer doors keep the cold out. I just stepped inside the station and I am looking forward to the special brunch.*

    Thank you Michelle and James. The brunch was as always fantastic. Thank you to all of the kitchen staff. These are James, the executive chef and Sue, one of the sou chefs.*

                                                 Merry Christmas to all!