Christchurch, NZ

Temperature: 18 Celsius

Weather: bight and sunny

Dressed summer clothing,  we were heading to the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC(abbreviation) Clothing Distribution Center (or Centre as they spell it in New Zealand)) to receive and try out our Extreme Cold Weather Gear: we received many layers of clothing, six pairs of tube sox, hats and mittens, and the famous white boots, of course. My parker’s hood was a bit defected, so I was able to get a very new one!!

We were reminded that carry - on bags must contain overnight change for Christchurch - just in case we will not make it to Antarctica and we will have to return to Christchurch!!

Wake up will be at 5 am... I hope we will make it on our first try!!

 Entrance to the Clothing Distribution Center, Monday, Dec. 3, 2007




In front of the collection of the Extreme Cold weather Gear. The computer has to be checked as well. 



Time to try on the Extreme Cold Weather gear to make certain that all will fit well.

Southie and Northie are amazed about all the different clothing. They counted 6 pairs of tube sox!!