Another Beginning

South Georgia in the Southern Ocean
SIlent beauty, saying goodbye to South Georgia

Where one adventure ends another begins, for now I take the lessons learned from a month in the Southern Ocean and South Georgia and teach my community. Hopefully my new knowledge of plate tectonics, polar science, and Antarctic wildlife will become a part of Northern Arizona.

One often goes to work, does their job and that is all, but as a public educator my passion runs deep. My job is more than a paycheck it is a desire to show all my students the amazing world of science, to open their eyes to the magic of discovery and questioning...questioning everything.

Heading back to port after a wonderfully successful scientific expedition.
The Back Deck of the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer. Proud of an American tradition of scientific exploration.

Every day in my classroom I ask why, and more often than not I would prefer an explanation for a wrong answer than that of a right answer. So now I begin again, a new adventure. Why do the magnetic poles switch? Why do the tectonic plates move as they do, and what caused the South Georgia Micro Continent to separate from the South American Plate. Can the information learned during our expedition give me some of these answers. And, to question even more, for as the Earth's plates continue to move what will the shape of this planet look like in ten thousand years, let along a half million.

One component of my expedition that touched my heart was you! All of you who made flags and followed along gave me purpose and direction, a desire to excite your children and your classes to learn science.

Flags from the America and the world
Flags on the bridge deck.

The amazing beauty of a world of flags.
Flags in the storage hold...the world in our midst.

Humans are so lucky to live on this amazing planet, there is so much to learn, to explore, to question and open doors. I hope in some small measure I opened some doors for all of you. Excited a child about the seals whiskers, maybe a grandparent to think about magnetic pole reversals. Because you see, it should never end, from birth and every day we should be excited about learning and the knowledge this amazing world has laid at our fingertips.

Thank you everyone for sharing with me a life dream, thank you for learning as I learn and being a part of a grand adventure.

Welcome to, and good bye from Punta Arenas, Chile
A whale of an adventure learning about sea floor spreading and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

Don't forget PolarTREC has scientific expeditions currently on Antarctica, continue your quest for knowledge as other teachers also follow their dreams.


The science team
The science team and ASC support personel, and amazing group of dedicated individuals comitted to the exploration of science.

Weather Summary
Back in Flagstaff, Arizona