I have not been trampled by a moose or eaten by a bear, I've been traveling throughout the state with limited access to the internet. I left Toolik on July 20, and got wrapped up in the events that surround saying goodbye to an incredible place and my friends. Since then I've traveled to Denali and throughout the Kenai Peninsula. I have had some amazing experiences and met some of the most interesting people! I will be posting journals about my final days at Toolik and my adventures since very shortly. I appreciate the feedback I have been receiving, and am humbled by the number of people who have been following our expedition. I will get back to answering the Ask the Team questions soon. We have had many great ones posted! I'm posting this on a rainy day from an Anchorage coffee shop, and am anxious to get out for some more exploring of this beautiful state! Stay tuned…I have some great stories still to come!

Harding Icefield
Hiking along Exit Glacier to the Harding Icefield near Seward, AK.

Midnight Sun Cafe
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