During one of our breaks during Educator Orientation we filmed a little video. This gear will be worn by the educators traveling to Antarctica. It wasn't too heavy but it was really warm!

ECW Gear
Trying on the extreme cold weather gear which includes a parka, snow pants, bunny boots, mittens, hat, neck gaiter, and goggles

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nathan salinas (not verified)

Was everything on u heavy?

Shelby Salazar (not verified)

Did you need help putting all the layers on?

Aleck de la Cruz (not verified)

Does it weigh a lot, to wear all of that?

Dominic Perez (not verified)

How cold does it get in the Arctic?

Ricky chavarria (not verified)

I wonder if they can make a tiny suit for slomo.

Ruben Ibarra (not verified)

Must be real cold for you to wear that many layers.

Nathalie Moreno (not verified)

I prefer the hot weather in Texas. Was it tiring to put on all those clothes?

Caleb Medellin (not verified)

How long did it take you to put on all of the equipment

Samantha Orta (not verified)

It looks so comfortable to be in all those layers of winter gear

Shantell Martinez (not verified)

How long did it take you to put everything on ?

Keith Newman 69 (not verified)

Well it looks really warm so at least you wont freeze to death. :) :)

Jorge Ramirez (not verified)

That is a cool time laps.

Michelle Martinez (not verified)

Although the jackets keep you warm it must be annoying to put on and on all those clothes.

Abraham (not verified)

looks pretty comfortable

Miah PIcazo (not verified)

It must be really cold if you're wearing all those layers of clothes.Were you sweating?

Dariella Davila (not verified)

Do you know what the gear and coat are made out of?

ttvstreamerbty (not verified)

it looks sweaty in there

Paola Sedeno (not verified)

How long did it take to put it all on.

ulises (not verified)

How many layers of cloth is it

Marelly (not verified)

How long did it take to put it on?

Guest (not verified)

Exactly how long did it take you to put all of that gear on?

Ivan (not verified)

It looks like it takes forever to put on.

Alexia Flores (not verified)

It look like it would be pretty cold in the Arctic for you to have to wear all of those jackets!

Emily E (not verified)

I forgot my name sorry.

alondra (not verified)

how long did it take to put all that on? was it hot?

Jose Luis Martinez (not verified)

WOW you must be sweating in there! Imagine having to wear all that just to go outside!

Gabriel (not verified)

How long did it take to put all of that on and what temperature( I don't know how to word this) does it maintain to keep you warm in cold areas like Alaska ( I mean how how does it get in there so you don't freeze to death).

Annette (not verified)

At some point ,while putting it on, did you feel like just taking it off without finishing.

Janell Velasquez (not verified)

How long did it take to put all the gear on?

Natalie Gomez (not verified)

How long did it take you to put it on ? It probably took forever!

ximena (not verified)

How much time does it take for you to put that all on

Alejandra Martinez

It didn't take that long. The point is to keep you at 98.6 degrees, so you want to get as close to that as possible.

Christopher Garcia (not verified)

Did it take you long to put on the arctic gear?

Dael Barragan (not verified)

Must be annoying having to put on all the clothes every day if you live there.

Norma (not verified)

Were you sweating after you took the gear off?

Alany (not verified)

It looks very hot in there!

Janie Rodriguez (not verified)

All the jackets must really keep you warm,by the looks of it ,it looks like you wont be cold.

Zuhailey Diaz (not verified)

How long did it actually take you to put on all that gear?

Monica Moran (not verified)

how'd it feel when you tried to move around in all those layers of clothing?

sea bear enthusiast (not verified)

it must be very cold there

Natalie Luna (not verified)

It looks like you and Slomo looked really comfortable .

Abigail Ledesma (not verified)

I can barely handle the heat in Eagle Pass, so the jackets all together would probably feel like a hot spring

Robert Lara (not verified)

It looks heavy.

Garcia (not verified)

Was it pretty difficult to put everything on?

Ashlee Estrada (not verified)

About how heavy do you think all the gear might've been?