During one of our breaks during Educator Orientation we filmed a little video. This gear will be worn by the educators traveling to Antarctica. It wasn't too heavy but it was really warm!

    ECW Gear
    Trying on the extreme cold weather gear which includes a parka, snow pants, bunny boots, mittens, hat, neck gaiter, and goggles



    you look so cool in the snow gear you cant see any skin or even your face

    Alan Villarreal

    it must have been hard to take off

    Emily Vazquez

    Mrs.Martinez i can relate to the layers of clothing because when my family and i when to Colorado we had to wear many layers of clothing

    Isabella Alcala

    It must be really cold there.


    Why aren't you going to Antarctica?

    Amanda Justo

    Did it take so much time putting on the clothes and taking them off.

    Denali Gomez

    The jackets looks very heavy and hot !!!


    How many layers of cloths were there?

    Larissa Sanchez

    How heavy were the clothes while you were wearing them?

    Orlando Gonzalez

    Were the jackets comfortable ?

    nadia huerta

    that's got to take time. *Mrs.Martinez puts on a lot of layers* me thinking:why is that me during winter ...:]


    I would rather wear those coats than live in the South Texas heat any day!

    Anissa Cardona

    Looks very comfortable but really heavy!

    Jasmin Gonzalez

    Did it take long to put all those coats on?

    Arianna Huerta

    How hard was it to move under the three layers?

    Andrea Tamez

    Woah! I bet it was really cold since you had to put on so many layers!

    Valentina Guardiola

    Did you still feel a tiny bit of cold when you were in the jackets ?

    Roy Garza

    It must have been really heavy.

    Ethan Kypuros

    What do you think would happen to you if you were to wear that outfit/uniform her in Eagle Pass. Like outside.

    Ashley Pina

    Was all of the jackets put together at once really heavy?


    Did the expectations you had changed ?

    Airamy Martinez

    How long did it take to put all the gear on?

    Earl Herring

    Was the coat set heavy.


    It must have been annoying to put on all those jackets but warm at the same time.

    Juan Gonzalez

    Did it get hot under all those layers of clothing after a while?


    Did you expect what the Arctic was, or were you surprised?

    Monica Nunez

    Hi Ale,
    I love that way you include SloMo in all of your educational experiences. He is one experienced mascot! I am excited to follow his next adventure in the Arctic!

    Sophia Castillon

    How long did it take you to put all the gear on?


    Were you still cold even with everything you were wearing?

    Miguel Ramirez

    How long did it take to put all the gear on