As part of PolarTREC Educator Orientation we took a couple of field trips. One of these was to Chena Hot Springs where we got to tour their Ice Museum. Enjoy the video below!



How cold is it in the museum?


how cold is it in the museum and why is it so dark in some of the rooms

Alan Villarreal

did it ever feel like if you were gonna freeze

Emily Vazquez

My favorite globe was the globe with the rose inside.Mrs.Martinez which one was your favorite globe?

Carlos Longoria

Very impressive! Hope that I can visit Alaska someday, looks like a beautiful place.

Larissa Sanchez

That's cool!

Isabella Alcala

Everything looked so pretty!

Amanda Justo

That must have been fun looking at the sculptures.

Anissa Cardona

wow cool. Who would have thought about about making an ice museum.

nadia huerta

it looks so cool:0 ,but i would never go there and if i did i would take so much blankets,and sweaters:)

Denali Gomez

How cold is the museum?


I want to visit the museum when I grow up!

Arianna Huerta

I wish that I can go there when I'm older , it looks like a cool place.

Jasmin Gonzalez

Was it so cold there?

Gustavo Armendariz

Wow that is very cool❄️☃️

Andrea Tamez

How long did it take to make all the sculptures? They look really cool!

Valentina Guardiola

Did they give you special shoes so that you wouldn't slip or was it not slippery ?

Ashley Pina

Was it as cold as it was inside the museum as it was outside?

Roy Garza

How cold was it in there?


This place looks so cool, I would like to go there one day!

Paola Sedeno

What is the hour change over there.

Earl Herring

How hot is it in there.


That looks so cool! I want to go there someday.


The Ice Museum looks really pretty !!

nathan salinas

Did anything melt while u were in there?


wow!! i would love to visit it one day.

Sophia Castillon

Looks really pretty and cold!!!!!

Shelby Salazar

I like the sculptures they look cool.

Aleck de la Cruz

Have any of the ice sculptures broken before?


Has any of the sculptures melted in the past?

Ricky chavarria

How do they keep it cool in the summer.

Miguel Ramirez

I wish l could go there!!!

Dominic Perez

Which sculptures where your favorite?