Fairing well in Fairbanks!

Boreal forest on the drive to UAF
A view of the boreal forest from the van as we drove to UAF
We arrived in Fairbanks late Saturday and began our first day of PolarTREC training Sunday morning. We are officially PolarTREC educators and the 2019 cohort is full of eager, dedicated, and inspiring teachers! I've already learned a lot, and not just from PolarTREC administration, but from these educators. Hanging out with them over the last 24 hours has galvanized me.

Getting ready to work at UAF
The sign on our way to the elevator

Before leaving Texas, I was immensely nervous about the challenge that awaited me. Texas weather is nothing like Fairbanks, let alone the arctic environment of Barrow and Toolik, where I will join Dr. Steven Oberbauer and Dr. Jeremy May for field work in June. In addition to that, us educators have an important job ahead of us. We will be field assistants and we will be sharing important research with not only our schools and local community, but the world. My mind has definitely been put at ease, though, after hearing about past educators experiences, and getting to meet this new cohort of teachers that will also be joining field researchers in the Arctic and Antarctic. I feel so lucky to be a part of this team.

We have arrived
Unloading the van at UAF and walking into the building on our way to IARC

Throughout the last couple of days we have gone over what is expected of us and what we can expect out in the field. We've started to strategize and plan our work flow. The support of the PolarTREC staff and the enthusiasm and ideas that have been flowing from our cohort is infectious. I can't wait to get started!

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Weather Summary
Sunny and Cool (for someone from Texas!)
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Dominic Perez (not verified)

What where your first thoughts when you arrived to Fairbanks?

dayanara (not verified)

WOW!! It all looks very beautiful.

Juan (not verified)

How nervous were you on a scale of 1-10

Nathan Salinas (not verified)

Did u like traveling that long?

Shelby Salazar (not verified)

The sunset looks pretty

Aleck de la Cruz (not verified)

It looks really pretty there.

Ruben Ibarra (not verified)

I would be nervous too.

Nathalie Moreno (not verified)

How much time did it take to get there?

Abraham Riza (not verified)

i would be nervous too;)

Caleb Medellin (not verified)

Was the building located in a collage or is it its own building/ buisness ?

Jorge Ramirez (not verified)

That is very nice.

Samantha orta (not verified)

that looks like a fun trip

Keith Newman 69 420 (not verified)

I would be nervous too xd xd xd xd

Michelle Martinez (not verified)

I bet the views were amazing to see on the way over there.

Guest (not verified)

How big was the UAF?

MIah (not verified)

How tall are the trees?

Ethan Kypuros (not verified)

If you were ask to go to Sahara desert or Antarctica. Where would you go??

Jose Luis Martinez 5 (not verified)

I'm excited to hear about you adventure to the arctic!

Emily (not verified)

How long did it take to get to the UAF?

Zuhailey Diaz (not verified)

What other inspiring teachers were there with you?

Ivan Gomez (not verified)

I hope that the people there will do research and help stop it from melting.

Paola Sedeno (not verified)

Alaska looks so beautiful!

ulises (not verified)

looks lake an adventures trip

ttvstreamerbty (not verified)

keep up the sweat and grind

Natalie Gomez (not verified)

Whenever you officially got there , Was it as cold as you expected?

alondra (not verified)

were you nervous at first?

Ashley Pina (not verified)

How cold was it in the arctic?

Janell Velasquez (not verified)

The sunrise looked so pretty with its different colors

Alexia Flores (not verified)

I hope the scientists can stop the arctic from melting so we can save the polar bears!

Monica Moran (not verified)

What was your reaction when you were told you got picked to be apart of the team?

ximena segura (not verified)

how many people were with you

Dael Barragan (not verified)

What a cool thing to do flying out to the arctic.

Annette Rodriguez (not verified)

I would be just as nervous.

Janie Rodriguez (not verified)

Must have been an awesome experience!

Christopher Garcia (not verified)

How tall were the trees?

Alany (not verified)

Looks like a very fun place to visit!

Abigail Ledesma (not verified)

What was one of the most interesting animals/plants that you saw

Robert Lara (not verified)

I hope they can try to make it stop melting.

sea bear kid (not verified)

that's a very big building

Alan Villarreal (not verified)

how low was the tempature

Natalie Luna (not verified)

It looks really nice and pretty.

Gabriel (not verified)

what kinds of animals live in the area and do they have different features than the same animal but somewhere else example( I don't know if this is true but it's just an example) A fox that lives in a warmer area has a coat that is not as thick as a coat from one that lives in a colder area. (What adaptations do they have)?

Ashlee Estrada (not verified)

Did you get to see any arctic animals, or animals that you thought were unusual to see in that kind of temperature? except for SloMo of course!

Guest (not verified)

good information about your first day in alaska and on how you felt before you left

Marco corona (not verified)

I bet it was an amazing experience !