19 April 2017 Last Day in Thule

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Good luck

Great pics Adeena. I hope you have a great time at Kanger. I know what you mean about the food - it is absolutely amazing here. It will be fun to do some cooking, though, I'm sure. Enjoy the new adventure!

picture of sea ice lead

I love the picture of the sea ice lead and the details you see in it. A trained eye sees so much!! CAKE and ICE CREAM sound awesome!

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Will your mission focus change in Kanger?

Will you be concentrating more on land ice in this portion of your trip or is sea ice still the main focus?

Focus change

We will be focusing more on land ice missions. This section of missions have some amazing glaciers.

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Two locations

Why does Ice Bridge fly out of two different locations? Do they expect to find different information?

Multiple locations

IceBridge flies out of multiple locations because the goal is to survey the much of the arctic. Even though the plane can fly over vey long distances to cover the amount of ground needed the plane must base itself in different location. By doing this more grind can be covered.

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Anxiously waiting for more

Anxiously waiting for more pictures and learning your experiences in Kangar. It sounds to me like you left the Ritz and you about to learn how to live in the wilderness. Tell me about your excercions and experiences

Kanger Bound!

What great photos--love the second with all of the different kinds of ice! I'm glad you got to spend time in a weather meeting and that it was a good fly day---way to say goodbye to the dining commons (ice cream and hot chocolate is the way to go)! I am loving reading your journals and I'm so excited to see what's to come in Kanger---Once you're settled there, what are the most striking differences between the two locations?

Thule vs Kanger

Thule was more comfortable and easy to get around. There were more indoor and entertainment activities. Kanger is a town developed to support the airport. All of the people here are nice. The town is small and there are many more hikes and outdoor activities. It is different in Kanger because now we have to cook and clean up after ourselves. I'm glad I got to experience both places.

Lee Teevan
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Sea Ice

Hi Adeena,
Your journals are informative and fun to read! I like your explanation of the sea ice-fascinating!
Take care,

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