Latitude: 77.30 Longitude: 180 Temperature: -0.9 degrees C Wind chill: -0.9 degrees C

We are in transit to another work station in the Ross Sea. A science meeting was held tonight to plan for the final leg of this journey. It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end. The days seem to melt into each other out here. About 10pm tonight we crossed the International Dateline. We had already made the change in time awhile back, but it was now official. We met at Oden square for a brief toast to this milestone, then most went back to work. We are working near the ice shelf and will begin a transit to the North in the morning. The weather is beginning to change again, more rough seas and wind. I'm told it will get colder soon. There is no sea ice where we are, just the ice shelf in the background. I am going out on deck with Sharon Stammerjohn in awhile. She is going to launch some XBT's and I am going to film it. I should have some pictures and information to post tomorrow. I have spent today going around filming people in their labs and getting updates on their work so that I can put together a summary .It's quite late tonight though, so I will sign off for nowJ


Seal Reposing What a life!*

Seal on Side Oops, didn't know I had an audience!

Fat Seal Wow, look at the size of this!! He can barely move!*

Antarctic Petrel He glides through the air with the greatest of ease.*

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