Latitude: 76.07
Longitude: 156.39
Temperature: -3.4
Wind chill: -21.1

I promised more about the snow and ice on Christmas Day, so here we go. We woke up to one of the most beautiful mornings we have had- sunshine and blue sky! We had an ice station early, and the crew had a close encounter with a seal. It is still undetermined what kind it was, but apparently it reared its head over the side of the Hugin (the little boat used to get to the ice) and gave the team quite a fright. Of course, as with any fish tale, this seal was HUGE by the time lunch came around J

After the ice station, we had most of the day to work leisurely. I spent most of my time outside taking in all the sights and sounds. The real fun began after dinner though. We had an incredible show outdoors as the Oden sailed right into miles of icebergs! It was by far the best display we have seen. For over two hours everyone was on deck somewhere with a camera. It was very cold and windy that evening, so when the clouds finally covered the sun, we were almost relieved to have an excuse to go in! The hot chocolate sure tasted good that night!! Hope you enjoy the pictures J Back to science tomorrow!


Ten Gallon Hat

What's a 10 gallon hat doing in Antarctica??*

Whale Head

We called this one Whale Head.*

Slug Berg

I called it a slug, others thought it looked like a seal. What do you think?*

Volcano Berg

The iceberg in front looks like a volcano.*

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes looking at us!*

Chocolate Chip

Wonder how many pounds this chocolate chip weighs???*

Simply Beautiful

Hard to describe, just simply beautiful!*