Latitude: 72.36 S **Longitude: **138.1 W

Captain Mattias gave us an early Christmas present today. He parked the Oden next to an ice floe, lowered the gangplank, and off we went! We spent a couple of hours playing around, taking pictures of each other, and setting the world record of pictures taken at one time of one Adele penguin! This little fellow wandered over to where we were and cameras were clicking away!!

I guess we all had cabin fever, because once we got on the ice everyone started playing and acting up.

Happy Tish! Yes!! Off the boat !! Exclaims Tish*

Fly Fishing in the Antarctic Dave decides to use his time for fly fishing-hope orcas aren't biting!!

Star of the Day Adele What are these creatures in blue and yellow????*

Face to Face Marvin and the Adele face off!

Adele checks out Friederike Friederike lays very still while the Adele checks her out.*

Kevin Jumps Kevin jumps trying to make a really deep hole!*

Michèle does a Headstand Michèle does the first headstand ever done on this ice floe!*

Opus on Ice For Luz: Watch out for those deep footprints Opus!!!*

I wish I could have put everyone's photo here. We had a great time!! We finished the day with some hot Glugg , and then set up two Christmas trees. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)


Tech in Antarctica For JG and the Red Raiders in Lubbock!*

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