A word to my students:

After visiting Scott's Hut at McMurdo, sailing on the icebreaker Oden through the famous Ross Sea and following the heroic age footsteps of Captain Shakelton's voyage, I had some thoughts I would like to share with you.

Ute Kaden , Oden Antarctica 2006

Look inside an iceberg, Oden 12-22-06

Captain Arnell and First Officer Peterson at the bridge of the Oden, Antarctica 2006

Enjoying the warmth of the strong build icebreaker Oden, admiring the skilled navigation of Captain Tomas Arnell and his crew through the substantial pack ice supported by modern communication equipment (GPS, Radar, Satellites), hearing our powerful diesel engines working strongly well maintained by the engineers and crew of the Oden, eating on schedule the excellent food provided by our cook Maria, relaxing in the ship's sauna or having the comfort of getting help from our ship's doctor Dr. Krister Ekbald, I feel dwarfed by the courage of the early explores.

Well, times have changed but there are many things that need to be explored on Earth. Some new frontiers may include hardship as well. We know very little.

Students, this is the wakeup call for you.

Icebergs, Oden 12-25-06

Icerberg Oden Antarctica, 12-25-06

Be inspired by the stories of Antarctic exploration, by the crew of the Oden breaking the ship channel to McMurdo, by the scientists onboard. Learn as much as you can and go out and take part. There are no science books with a final chapter! Learn to think, take risks and keep your curiosity alive. Now, it is your turn to protect our wonderful Planet.*

Your physics teacher, Ute Kaden

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