Oden Updates

The Oden is breaking the fast ice to McMurdo. This is a complex job for any icebreaker.

Happy New Year Oden crew and all the best for breaking the ship channel! Here are the updates from the officers Mattias peterson and Ola Andersson.

*Hi Ute **

The one year ice started at S 76° 58´8 E 166° 23´4

The multi year ice started at 77° 30´6 E 165°35´1

Oden's current position 77° 45´2 E 166 13´1

We are making good progress in the multi year ice, approximately 2 nm a day or approximately 2½ cable per watch.


Ola Andersson and Mattias Peterson

Oden navigating the leads in the ice , Antarctica 06

*Oden on her way to Ross the Ross Sea 

*Oden visible from McMurdo about 12 miles from Hut Point. 12-28-06 *

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