Helicopter on the ice

Oden is parked stable against the ice. Since the early morning radio communication with McMurdo indicated that NSF will send the helicopter to pick up our luggage. The pilot checked the ice thickness by drilling and our bags got loaded. We used the time to go for a walk on the ice. The ship looks magnificent from a distance. What fun to hold the big ship up at the bow, dancing on the ice and posing in front of our Oden. The scientists are relieved that all equipment is boxed up loaded, last data backup and lots of hugs between the crew of the Oden and very happy participants.

Helicopter on the ice to pick up luggage

Cook Maria Hermansson and her helpers Emelie Wuopio and Hida Romero

First engineer Per Salo with his ship Oden

Ute Kaden is holding the big ship's bow

Expedition leader Eva Groenlund and Ute Kaden talking about the successful trip

Ute Kaden

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