No drill- fire alarm

We started packing up the lab equipment and tried to fit our stuff in the one bag and day bag we were allowed to carry. Suddenly the fire alarm sounded. Everybody took some warm cloths and hurried to the helicopter deck, our point to assemble, quickly and organized.

It turned out that there was no fire onboard after the crew firemen had checked the ship inside out and upside down. We returned a bit shaken, being reminded that there are lots of dangers on a ship and realizing how well the crew was trained for the event.

Look at the photos.

Oden helicopter deck – place to assemble in an emergency situation

Able Seaman, Jan Nilsson, secures the breathing apparatus

 Able Seamen, Einar Sjobom

Able Seamen, Einar Sjobom, can undress. After checking everything - no fire onboard

Thank you Captain Arnell and crew of the Oden for assuring our safety and the ships safety at all times.

Ute Kaden

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