69 degrees 44’ S, 148 degrees 25’ W

Christmas Preparations and Icebergs

We are on our way to McMurdo. One day to Christmas. What now? Maria, our cook, had prepared a nice afternoon coffee break with "Gluehwein” and cake. We stated to decorate two Christmas trees, one in our bar and one in the mess hall .

Like you can see in the photos - lots of fun. I am in the most useless position ever holding the Christmas lights in full Antarctic gear…But the photo with the Swedish Queen (from Germany) is outstanding J.

I just came from my observation tour outside. It was cold and very windy. I had to protect myself. However, what is going on outside is absolutely cool. We see seals, penguins and whales. Everybody is excited. Looking at our vast surroundings is an indescribable awesome experience.

4 hours later…

We have almost zero wind and the big openings in the ice look like mysterious oceans with beautiful reflections on a mirror like surface.

Enjoy the special Christmas collection of photos of icebergs, Christmas trees and Animals of the Antarctica.

God Jol, Marry Christmas , Feliz Navidad and Frohe Weihnachten

from the Icebreaker Oden in Antarctica.

Froehliche Weihnachten,


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