12-22-06 | Special Interview with the Captain of the Oden Tomas Årnell

The interview questions are from my 7th period dual enrollment physics class at Homer Hanna High School in Brownsville, TX collected by Meagan.

Interview questions for Captain Tomas Årnell

*Captain Tomas Årnell at "Oden-Plaza", 12-11-06 *

  1. How many voyages have you captained?

    I have been Captain on Oden since year 2000 and during the time up to now we have been up in the Arctic at 4 occasions. Three of these expeditions we were at the North Pole. During the winters every year Oden has worked as an escort icebreaker in the Gulf of Bothnia to assist traffic to the ports in northern Sweden and Finland. During that time I also work as Captain onboard. However, we are two crews so half of the year I am on vacation.

  2. Have you ever sailed to Antarctica before?

    No, this is the first time for me and also for the icebreaker Oden to sail to Antarctica.

  3. Are there any special precautions you are taking on this Antarctica voyage?

    The ice is not severer in the Antarctic than it is in the Arctic so in that case we have not done any improvements. However, it is a long trip to sail from Sweden to Antarctic and the route goes in waters that could be very windy with rough sea. Therefore we had to prepare the ship for these conditions before we started from Sweden. Of course we also have to prepare with spare parts, stores and so on.

  4. What ship maneuvers and strategies do you use to break the ice and get to land?

    Mainly we use our power and weight to break the ice. Oden have 25 0000 HP and the displacement is 13 000 ton. Of course our strategic is to use the easiest way to go through the ice. For that reason we use information we got from satellite images and also we use helicopters to do reconnaissance.

  5. How many crew members are needed to run the ship?

    We are normally a total crew of 17 persons. Sometimes we have some extra for education and also some extra when we are on expeditions to the Arctic (totally about 20 crewmembers).

  6. How many people can the ship hold?

    We can be totally 70 persons onboard. About 20 crewmembers and 50 scientists/guests.

Best wishes, Tomas Årnell

Captain Tomas Årnell answering Hanna HS students' interview questions

Thank you very much Captain Tomas for answering our questions. We wish you many more successful voyages and all the best in your personal life.

Ute Kaden & Hanna HS Students, Physics 2006/07, Brownsville , TX

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