67 49’ S, 113 27’ W
    Air: -1.9 C 
    Water: -0.4C

    "The zone where today is tomorrow or how to steal a day…”

    Today 4 am we switched our ship (Chilean) time to McMurdo time which is New Zealand time by adding 16 hours to the clock. 7:30 am, our usual breakfast time, suddenly became 23:30 pm… Confusion.

    People try to deal in different ways with it. General speaking, we are a bit worn out, sleepwalking on the bridge and very quiet. The wake up call came when the first big icebergs showed up on the horizon and penguins and crabeater seals were spotted on numerous ice flows. The sea ice researchers Hongjie and Burcu from UTSA in San Antonio, TX, looked very happy and excited recording their first sea ice concentrations.

    Science note for today Kevin Pedigo started releasing XBT’s (Expendable BathymetryBathymetry is the study of the depth of water in the ocean. Thermograph). They are designed to measure ocean temperatures at different depths to better understand the dynamics of seawater layers at the ice edge. The release process looks like shooting a gun. The projectile probe (XBT) is on a wire through which the data is transmitted back to a computer.