12-16-06 - Saturday Rock & Roll

Oden position: 0-63°0S 00-82°0-09,0' W, crossing the Antarctic Convergence, temperatures are falling Course: 216 °

Air pressure: 976.6 hPa falling

Heading: 235°

It is getting colder outside. The ship is rolling and rocking along the infamous Drake Passage. I almost fell from my chair and glasses are moving on the table... High, long waves, representing lots of energy, lifting the ship up and turning it in all imaginable directions. My stomach has a feeling that there is a forth dimension of movement. The ship's doc has patched everybody up, who had a need °for it, against motion sickness. I am fine as of now, but I have to stand a lot in fresh air outside. (My notebook just left the table...sliding and down it went) Standing in fresh air gives me time to distract respectfully the bird watchers and learn about everything that has wings and flies around our ship. More importantly, Brent, Pam and Bill share the secrets of systematic, scientific observation with us. We crossed the Antarctic convergence today and looking forward to see the first ice.

Help, everything falls off the desk …I need to hold on to my table every 10 s to prevent me and my chair from falling, Speaking physics, 10 s seems to be the period of the waves. The amplitude clearly increased in the last hour translating into more energy and more sea sick people.

What do I do on the Oden?

I work with Valentine Kass (NSF, Education), Allan (teacher from Alaska and Einstein fellow in DC, with NSF at the moment), Sandra (Teacher from Chile) and Ingela (teacher from Sweden) on international public relations and education outreach.

In addition, I am responsible for the ice and meteorological observations, data logging and transmission as part of the UT San Antonio team in 6 hour shifts with Dr. Steve Ackley as PI. It is positive stressful and fun to learning new things.

I also do photo and video documentation for the Arctic Research Consortium "Polartrec” Program of the US. This includes interviews, running around with 3 cameras, a video recorder, a voice recorder and talking to the most interesting people on Earth:) Fun! Special thanks to the people from ARCUS –"Polartrec” in Fairbanks and NSF which made the trip possible.

How do I stay in my bed tonight with this rock and roll of waves? No idea..I keep you posted.

Best wishes for your finals students and tanks for all your questions and mail. I really appreciate to get a message from you here in the middle of no where.

Good luck and best wishes,


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