Fog bows, white rainbows, cloud bows, sea dogs

    We traveled through scattered ice this morning.

    Morning on the Louis
    We traveled through patches of scattered ice this morning.

    For most of the morning, we had a **beautiful **fog bow in front of the ship.  

    Fog bow over the fore deck
    The fog bow over the fore deck gives the ship a mystical look.

    A fog bow is like  rain bow in that it is caused by sunlight shining onto water droplets.  Because the water droplets that cause fog are very small, the fog bow has little or no color.   

    Fog Bow
    Fog bow in front of the Louis

    I took these pictures from monkey's island.

    Sea dog
    Sea dog and blue water. I took this picture from *monkey's island* which is on top of the Bridge. The Bridge is where the Captain and navigators drive the ship.

    Today is the first sunny morning since we left Cambridge Bay.

    Cloud bow
    Cloud bow from monkey's island.

    Question: Do you know an easy way to remember the colors of the rainbow (in order!)?

    It is unusual to meet another ship in the Arctic.  The Amundsen has been at sea for more than 8 months!  The* Louis* was its "ship of opportunity" meaning that we are the first ship to cross its path.  

    The Amundsen
    The Amundsen has been at sea for more than 8 months. The Louis was *the ship of opportunity* meaning that we are the first ship to travel near the Amundsen.

    We carried fresh food supplies and spent an afternoon transferring them over by helicopter.

    It is **unusual **to see green in the Arctic.  In honor of our first sunny morning since departing, I cracked the Eggling.  

    My student Nat Goldberg gave me an Eggling, a small potted plant. To start it growing, I cracked the top and added water. It will sit on the window sill in my room, offering a touch of green. Photo by Kristina Brown.

    I will keep you apprised of its progress.

    It is **unusual **to see my Durham friends in the Arctic.  

    My Arctic Friends
    Cavaleo, Diver Man and e Coli sit with Eggling atop a railing on the port side of the ship. Rested after their travels, they are ready to see the ship and the Arctic.

    They are ready to explore!

    Look what Cavaleo found!

    Cavaleo has found a coffee machine in the Officer's mess. Thank you!

    So long, for now, from the Louis

    Amundsen Gulf
    Weather Summary
    Cloudy and calm. No ice.