As the orientation week comes to a close, I have learned so much about the program, the polar regions, and my fellow teachers. I am excited to be surrounded by such fun, talented, and supportive educators. From now until July I will be preparing for my expedition and the adventure that awaits!

I will be headed to Nome, Alaska to board the USCGC Healy. I will be travelling the month of August around the Chukchi Sea with Dr. Lee Cooper collecting biological and chemical data to look at the changes due to sea ice loss and climate change. Follow me as I prepare to sail the Chukchi Sea!

A Question From the Crow's Nest

What is permafrost?

Answer the the last post's question: Sexual dimorphism is when one gender is larger than another in a species. In Arctic Ground Squirrels, the males are larger than females!

Weather Summary
Sunny and clear
28 degrees F
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