Due to the remote location of the field work for this expedition, there will often be limited or no communication between the ship and the rest of the world. In such a case, PolarTREC staff will provide intermittent updates. We have not heard from Jon in a few days now, so we thought we would add a journal to show off some of the photos of the ship that Jon sent to us before he departed. Which room do you think Jon is spending his free time in?

    Lab desk
    Lab desk (I wonder how they secure all the plants!)

    A lovely library - though best if you can read Russian

    An actual elevator

    Workout equipment
    The Workout Room

    Ping pong table
    Ping pong must be interesting on a ship!

    Fingers crossed that we will hear from Jon soon. Smooth sailing Jon and crew!

    Also, in case you haven't read it yet, here is a link to the Chicago Tribune article that was written up on Jon's trip.