25 June 2014 Understanding the Toolik Lake Watershed

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Great journal, its nice to see what see what some of the different people in Toolik are doing. It is cool how this project is so interdisciplinary and how all the pieces of the puzzle have to be discovered and put together.

kat bruce
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Syringes for use with filters

In my research group and startup company we are using eDNA for detecting animals in water. We currently use a peristaltic pump with the sterivex filters but I'd like to try with a syringe for convenience in the field. Where did you buy these large syringes? I can't find them anywhere!
All the best

Jennifer Sunday
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Those large syringes

Ditto this comment, where did you find those beautiful large sterile syringes (>60ml)? Can't find seem to them anywhere.

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Location: Toolik Field Station
Latitude: 68° 37' 0.001" N
Longitude: 149° 39' 0" E
Weather Summary: Colder, steady soggy rain through much of the day.
Temperature: 48ºF
Wind Speed: mostly calm

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