Returning Home

    I am home now and have had time to reflect and process my Arctic expedition. It has been an amazing adventure in the Arctic. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such a fantastic science field experience and worked with amazing researchers from all over the country and the world. To reflect on some of what I learned is an art project that I executed with some of the researchers at Toolik Field Station.

    Toolik Station Science Art

    Art in front of Arctic Sign
    The Toolik Station science Art sign in front of the Arctic circle sign. Photo by DJ Kast
    My Young Scientists Program (YSP) classrooms created flags that represented their level of polar science knowledge and these flags were documented every day throughout my Arctic research expedition. I wanted the researchers at Toolik to also do this! I requested that the researchers draw what represented their science so that when I go to schools and talk about my expedition I can show my students what types of research goes on up here.

    Dr. Byron Crump drawing
    Dr. Byron Crump drawing the microbial food web. Photo by DJ Kast

    Jesse and tussock nest
    Jesse Krause drawing a tussock nest. Photo by DJ Kast

    Molly and Toolik logo
    Molly Timm drawing the Toolik Logo of a loon on the poster. Photo by DJ Kast

    Simone and the bird
    Dr. Simone Meddle drawing a lovely bird on the poster. Photo by DJ Kast

    Gina and diatoms
    Gina Lupo drawing diatoms on the poster. Photo by DJ Kast

    Bernard Copepods
    Dr. Kim Bernard drawing her favorite copepods on the sign. Photo by DJ Kast

    Greg Hill drawing fish
    Greg Hill drawing an Arctic Grayling on the poster. Photo by DJ Kast

    Michelle and daphnia
    Michelle Parker drawing a gorgeous daphnia for her zooplankton science. Photo by DJ Kast

    Kaity and mosquitoes
    Kaity Howell draws mosquitoes all over the sign. Photo by DJ Kast

    Johanne drawing on the sign
    Johanne Albrigtsen drawing lousewarts for the sign. Photo by DJ Kast

    Toolik Sign with art
    The Science art in front of the Toolik Sign. Photo by DJ Kast

    finished art sign
    The finished product in the Arctic Tundra. Photo by DJ Kast


    DJ Kast

    Their art was amazing!!! I was really impressed.

    Janet Warburton

    Welcome home DJ!Looks like you had an amazing experience. I love your idea to have the researchers also create a flag to go to your students! Looks like they really enjoyed it and also they are great artists too.

    Thanks for posting and letting us know you are home.