USC Summer Science Camp videoconference from the Arctic

    Start of presentation
    Starting my PolarTREC presentation with the USC Summer Science Camp. Photo by Linda Chilton
    Today I video-conferenced about the Arctic research occurring at Toolik Field Station to high school students in the USC Summer Science Camp on Catalina Island. This is a weeklong Summer Science Programs provide high school students from across the country the opportunity to visit the USC Phillip K. Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies on Catalina Island, and other coastal sites. Over the course of a week, students get amazing opportunities to work with local researchers, conduct their own research projects, learn about careers in marine science, build their own ROVs, snorkel, kayak, and explore the marine protected areas around the island.

    Fight on for Polar Science.
    Fight on for Polar Science. Photo by Linda Chilton

    I was a participant of this program myself in 2006 and it was wonderful to be able to give back as both an educator and research translator. The program is heavily microbe focused so it was great to be able to talk to them about the microbe research Dr. Crump's lab is doing on microbial biogeography. Furthermore, I also walked around Toolik Field Station in my full bug gear to show them what life in the field is like.

    students watching presentation
    Students watching the PolarTREC presentation. Photo by Linda Chilton


    Elsa Campos

    It is such a privilege to work with you. It makes a big difference in students' life and understanding of science when they see and hear a "real life scientist and researcher," as my former 4th graders called you, sharing experiences and knowledge. It makes everyone, especially girls, to think about becoming a marine scientist. Great job. Fight On

    DJ Kast

    Ms. Campos- I LOVE working with you and your students. You are an amazing teacher and I love sharing my passion of science with you students.