Another phenomenal start to the day! A live chat held via the Internet with folks all over the country including a place special to my heart: Rye Junior High! It was wonderful to hear familiar voices and to "meet" some new folks! Thanks to PolarTREC for organizing the event, to Dr. Peter Doran and Dr. Stacy Kim for participating, to Cameo for being interested in doing a joint presentation, and to all those that "tuned in"! Everyone had great questions; we shared many smiles on this end! The research being done by Stacy and Peter is incredible!

ENDURANCE and I are about to part company, but hopefully our paths will cross again someday! I am scheduled to start heading north tomorrow just as the team heads to the field. I am honored to have gotten to know this team and wish them all the best of luck with all the endeavors that lie ahead! This is exciting stuff! I am taking with me a wealth of information and ideas for future plans for students back home - get ready to have some fun!


ENDURANCE wrapped in the "Bot Cozy" ready to fly!

I would like to extend a very special thanks to Dr. Doran for making me part of his team again this season. This has been a remarkable season and an invaluable experience; I look forward to future collaboration. See you in Rye sometime soon?!

I will try to keep us all updated with the progress of ENDURANCE. I know one blog site that is being periodically updated is: (this is Shilpa's blog).

 Swim well ENDURANCE and return to the light!

On a lighter side:

In McMurdo, several years ago, there was an art class where the participants painted amazing paintings of areas around the area. One of the art challenges was to paint a subtle m&m into each painting! It's fun to search for them!


Peter and Kristoff search for the M&M!


Found it!

Another aside:

By the way, videos of diving with seals and some underwater footage of ScubaDooba Doo have now been successfully uploaded on November 23rd (thanks to Ronnie at PolarTREC)! Check them out!

(As I travel, I may not always have access to the internet, so my next journal may be a few days away and I may not be able to respond to questions / emails immediately. I promise to check back in once I am back in communication!)

Thank you Antarctica!


Me with "Flat Ellwood" at the McMurdo Station sign! Thanks RJH!

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