Victor Cabrera is a rising senior from Miami, Florida.
Victor Cabrera is a rising senior from Miami, Florida.

Victor Cabrera comes from the warm tropics of Miami, Florida, where he has been living for the majority of his life. As an 18 year old boy intent on discovering all that he can about his passion for nature and ecology, he has geared the greater part of his studies and time towards the natural sciences and conservation. Victor is currently a Junior at TERRA Environmental Research Institute in Miami and a member of the school’s Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy. There, he has used the school’s resources and the help of his peers to help his community become more environmentally involved and informed.

Victor has also extended his interest in the environment and its conservation as a member of other organizations. As a member of the Boy Scouts of America for many years, Victor has learned to view nature through many different perspectives, to care for it, and to respect it. His experience as a Boy Scout exposed a very close bond with the environment and inspired him to take more responsibility for its well being. In addition, Victor has been a member of Zoo Miami’s Conservation Teen Scientist program since his freshman year in high school. In this position, he has learned to bring the issues of conservation to the public eye and, as such, has helped to educate his community about issues of local and global scale. All of his experiences, in and out of school, have allowed him to gain a sense of leadership, responsibility, and purpose.

In his spare time, Victor enjoys the outdoors as much as possible. An avid hiker, biker, and swimmer, he takes advantage of Florida’s beautiful natural environment to learn and be inspired alongside his friends and family. He hopes to take every opportunity as a chance to learn and to live.

This summer, Victor hopes to experience a great variety of new things as a participant in the Joint Science Education Program. A native of the tropics, his trip to Greenland promises to teach him much more about the polar latitudes than he could expect. He sees this opportunity as a chance to immerse himself in new facets of conservation and ecology. As a teenager trying to find the true focus of his conservation-oriented career, Victor sees JSEP as a perfect place to investigate the interdisciplinary nature of research and exploration.

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