Joe Super and Bill Schmoker sea kayaking in Skoldungensund, Greenland
Joe Super and Bill Schmoker employing a sea kayak to gather water quality data in Skoldungensund, Greenland.


Yesterday I discussed measuring surface temperature vs. longitude as we approacehed Greenland to see where we entered the cold East Greenland Current. Today I'd like to show how my Grosvenor Teacher Fellow partner Joe Super and I collected measurements to generate vertical water profiles showing salinity and temperature vs. depth. On my 2010 Arctic cruise aboard the Healy we had a CTD to measure salinity and temperature vs. depth. In some spots we went down over 3000 meters! On the Greenland trip Joe brought a Digital Multifunction Water Quality Meter that we used to record salinity and temperature to a depth of 15 meters (the length of the device's cable.) The Healy's CTD finds depth by measuring water pressure. In Greenland, Joe marked the cable every half meter to determine depth. On the Healy we had use of the massive starboard a-frame crane to lower and raise the hefty CTD rosette. In the video below you'll see one way we figured out to get our readings in Greenland. I'll follow up with our findings in a later post; for now, here's the movie showing some of our water column-profiling exploits in Greenland.

That's all for now! Best- Bill

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