I'm checked in at the San Francisco Airport waiting to board my plane back home. It has been a very busy, productive week for me with the last four days learning many aspects of sea-floor sediment core analysis. I was privileged to help the team with several core analysis jobs, getting my hands dirty but always smiling. I'm going to have a series of journal entries describing much of what we studied from two arctic coring sites we visited last summer on the Healy, but for now I'm a little too knackered to say much more in any kind of articulate fashion. So I'll leave you with a lovely shot of a split core sample taken in the Beaufort SeaThe Beaufort Sea lies to the north of Alaska and the Yukon and Northwest Territories.- what do you think you can find in the mud upon close inspection?

That's all for now- Bill

Core Sample
The top part of one of the core samples taken in the Beaufort Sea by the USCG Cutter Healy on the 2010 International Continental Shelf Survey.

San Francisco Airport