Our time here went by so fast! We accomplished what we could to deploy buoys in spite of shifting sea ice, open leads, and only a few whaling trails completed (access to fast ice). I wanted to be fully present in this place, be part of the landscape, absorb as much as I could. And, I did; alongside a fantastic team of scientists who have become friends. Nothing like spending spring break at the beach! ;-)

    Soaking up last hours in Utqiaġvik
    Soaking up last hours in Utqiaġvik; 1. Snow and ice on Elson Lagoon; 2. Snow and ice on Elson Lagoon; 3. Selfie on the Arctic Ocean coast (sea ice behind me). 4. Soaking up a full body experience with the snow and ice; photo by Ignatius Rigor.

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    Arctic Ocean and Elson Lagoon at Point Barrow
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    Cold beautiful day
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