26 December 2017 Holidays at the South Pole

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Michael Penn
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Christmas and tourists

Lesley, This is so interesting! Did you bring small gifts from home to give to some friends? Did you know what to expect for Christmas on the Pole? It is impressive that there are South Pole Station traditions even though the number of people is so small and very few of those people have been there for very long or multiple Christmases. It is also surprising that there is a tourist camp there. How is the ARA drilling going? My students will be anxious to read and talk about this! (I know that some of my students are reading this on their own over the break.) Thanks again for another interesting journal entry!

Hi Michael, thanks again for

Hi Michael, thanks again for following! I had no idea what to expect for holidays in Antarctica. The South Pole is such a magical community that it exceeded all of my expectations! I was able to make gifts for friends in the craft room while I was there, and everyone who participates in Secret Santa makes gifts in the craft room or their workshop. Our drilling is going well, look for another journal update soon! We have finished one station and moved to the second a few days ago. It is still a slow process with long days, but we are making progress!

Tyson. B.
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Going home?

Miss Anderson, We just realized that you should be going home today! Are you leaving today and is the weather good enough to fly? Are you happy to go home or sad to leave? How much did you get accomplish? We all think you were very busy drilling and working. You are prolly really tired. I liked your journals and in our class we learned a lot about neutrinos and the universe and the south poleand lots of those other things. I never even though about those thinkgs before. We even got to "go" to Antarctica in a simulator mission. Thank you from all of usand good luck getting home.

Hi Tyson,

Hi Tyson,

Thanks for following the expedition! I returned home on the night of the 3rd and went back to teaching on the 4th. It is a bittersweet feeling being back, I love being here with my students, but I also really miss Antarctica. I will be posting a few more journals in the upcoming weeks to fill in some of the gaps at the end of the trip. Working 15 hour days makes it really challenging to post journals when we got home at night, so I'll be updating them now that I am back home. I hope that you and your classmates consider visiting the continent some day. It has amazing opportunities in almost any field and it will change your life forever. Wishing you all a safe and happy new year.

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