21 December 2017 Meteorologist for a Day

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Michael Penn
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My classes would have had a few questions about this journal entry, but they are on winter break now. Is the data collected by these balloons available anywhere? I'm sure that one of the questions that the students would have had would be: how big would the balloon get before popping at 80k feet? Keep up the good work, you've really caught the interest of my classes!

Hi Michael, I'm forwarding

Hi Michael, I'm forwarding your questions to Katie Koster to see if we can find out how to access that information when you're not at the South Pole. I think that the balloon size would be able to be calculated if we knew the amount of helium that was let into the balloon and the air pressure at 80,000 feet, so when I hear back from Katie to see if they measure the amount of helium let into the balloon, that would be a great math problem for your students to calculate!

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