5 December 2017 Amundsen-Scott - A History of Antarctic Discovery

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Morning Pod Questions

Hello! We liked learning about the history of Antarctic explorers today. We hope that you're doing wel!

1. At what time of the day do you write your journals?
2. Have you had a chance to play any sports yet (like basketball)?
3. Have you had any challenges doing research/tasks?

Hi Morning pod!

Hi Morning pod!

  1. I usually write my journals throughout the day in a document on my computer, but I can only upload them when the satellite us up. Right now the best satellite (with the most bandwidth) is online from 7:45-11:15pm New Zealand time (which is the time zone we use at the South Pole). Another satellite comes online until 3am so I can finish up any work that I don't get done by 11, but it just takes much longer to load a webpage.
  2. I have done some weight lifting in the gym here but haven't played any organized sports yet. Tomorrow night is volleyball and apparently it gets very competitive, so I'm looking forward to taking part in that!
  3. The work we do with the drill team is extremely detail oriented and requires a lot of precise engineering, electronics, and mechanics. Most of this work is done outside in the elements. The temperature isn't that bad, especially if the sun is shining on you, but the wind can cause my fingers to go numb in a few minutes. It can be especially challenging try to bolt down equipment to the drill train when your fingers are so stiff that they can't move.
Aaron (Afternoo...
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Questions For Lesley!

Hi Ms. Lesley, sorry we weren't able to hear from you in the video chat. Hopefully, we'll be able to get it working before you come back!
Here are our questions for today:
1. This was all about male explorers. In more recent years, have there been any female explorers?
2. Are you working with or interacting with any animals?
3. How long could a person survive outside at the South Pole without any extreme weather gear?
4. How long does it take to upload your posts? How fast is your internet?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Great questions!

Great questions!

  1. We talked before I left about the first group of women to reach the South Pole in 1969. Since then there have been many women who have made it to Antarctica and the South Pole, although there are still more men than women who travel to these remote places. One notable woman who has been to Antarctica for a number of seasons has an Antarctica landmark named after her. I was lucky enough to meet Robbie Score in Alaska during PolarTREC orientation. Score Ridge is named after her.
  2. Besides humans, there is nothing living at the South Pole. I have heard reports of a scua (like a seagull) flying around past the station, but I have not seen one, nor would it have anything to eat out here.
  3. Long enough to find some ECW gear. That's actually a difficult question to answer because it depends on the temperature, wind chill, and the amount of survival training the individual has. I'll see if I can find someone brave enough to test this tomorrow.
  4. It takes a while. I write the posts earlier in the day so I just need to submit the photos and copy the journal into the electronic form. It can take up to a half hour to get the page to load. It took over 2 days to post the youtube video on the Dec. 3 journal (you may not have seen it yet!) And that is in the evening with the "good" internet. When we tried to connect on Monday we were using the satellite that has spotty connectivity so we didn't have enough bandwidth to live stream the webcast.
You have made it!

Hi Lesley:

You have made it!

It was a pleasure to meet you in Alaska during orientation back in February, and also to hear you live from the Pole during the webcast two days ago.

I will be following your journals, and wish you all the best on our expedition. Stay safe!

Thank you Armando! And thank

Thank you Armando! And thank you for all of your tips! :)

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