Back to the dark side

    I'm back in California, where winter means 60 degrees F and the night sky is dark! I woke up in disbelief that I spent the month of December at the South Pole; what an experience! I'm still decompressing and going through hundreds and hundreds of photos, but I'll be back soon with a more thorough summary of this adventure, as well as some resources for everyone to keep learning about Antarctica.

    Stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a photo I excitedly took of the last Christmas lights! I was just in time.
    I've also included one more video that gives you a tour of the SPICE Core camp, where I spent most of my time while at the South Pole.

    Excited, blurry photo of Christmas lights
    Excited, blurry photo of Christmas lights

    Volver al lado oscuro

    ¡Estoy de vuelta en California, donde el invierno significa 60 grados F y el cielo nocturno es oscuro! Desperté con incredulidad de haber pasado el mes de diciembre en el Polo Sur; ¡que experiencia! Todavía estoy descomprimiendo y revisando cientos y cientos de fotos, pero volveré pronto con un resumen más completo de esta aventura, así como algunos recursos para que el público en general siga aprendiendo sobre la Antártida.

    ¡Manténganse al tanto! Mientras tanto, aquí hay una foto que tomé con entusiasmo de las últimas luces de Navidad. Llegué justo a tiempo.

    Excited, blurry photo of Christmas lights
    Excited, blurry photo of Christmas lights

    Southern California
    Weather Summary
    warm and sunny
    60 degrees F


    Armando Caussade

    Congratulations on a successful expedition, and good to know you made it safely home! And yes, give us a more thorough summary of your adventure when you feel at ease.

    BTW, the 7-minute video looks interesting, and your camera views and explanation providing perspective are very effective.

    Thanks for sharing your experience on these journals. It has been a pleasure following your daily summaries, and I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

    Jocelyn Argueta

    Thank you for following along, Armando! This has been such a grand adventure; I can't wait to keep sharing it with everyone.

    Judy Fahnestock

    Super cool Christmas lights photo! And it's hard to process that you are back in LA where it's 60 degrees and DARK! Welcome Back!