Passed the test

    41 days until I leave...
    I can finally start my countdown now that I have earned my long-awaited PQ badge!

    [PQ = Physically Qualified]

    The PQ process is quite thorough, and with reason. We want to make sure I am cleared to live in a dry, remote, extreme weather location. Mentally, I’ve felt PQ since I first read the words “South Pole” in my inbox, but a physical work-up gives everyone confidence that I am in good health for this adventure.
    Here is a checklist I completed to earn the coveted PQ status.
    [x] Self-reported medical history
    [x] Physical exam
    [x] Flu shot
    [x] Dental examination
    [x] Repeat dental x-rays (apparently my back teeth are inconveniently angled)
    [x] Blood tests
    [x] 2nd visit to the laboratory to re-do a blood test
    [xxxxxx] Express mail my forms and obsessively refresh my email to confirm they were received

    That’s the first big step, and now I’m cleared to start packing and planning my outreach activities. In about a week, I leave for Madison, Wisconsin to meet the IceCube Lab.
    Step by step…

    Talk soon, friends.

    Pasado la prueba

    41 * días * hasta que me vaya ...
    ¡Finalmente puedo comenzar mi cuenta regresiva ahora que he ganado mi insignia PQ!

    ** [PQ = físicamente calificado] **

    El proceso PQ tiene muchos requisitos y con razon. Tenemos que aseguarnos de que puedo vivir en un lugar seco, remoto y con condiciones climáticas extremas. Mentalmente, he sentido PQ desde la primera vez que leí las palabras "Polo Sur" en mi correo electronico, pero un examen físico les da a todos la confianza de que tengo buena salud para esta aventura.
    Aquí hay una lista que completé para obtener el estado de PQ.
    [x] Historial médico autoinformado
    [x] Examen físico
    [x] Vacuna contra la gripe
    [x] Examen dental
    [x] Repitir radiografías dentales (aparentemente mis dientes posteriores están angulados de manera inconveniente)
    [x] Análisis de sangre
    [x] Segunda visita al laboratorio para volver a hacer un análisis de sangre
    [xxxxxx] * Mandar por correo mis formularios y checar obsesivamente mi correo electrónico para confirmar que fueron recibidos *

    Ese es el primer gran paso, y ahora estoy autorizada para comenzar a empacar y planificar mis actividades de educacion. En aproximadamente una semana, me voy a Madison, Wisconsin, para conocer el Laboratorio IceCube.
    Paso a paso…

    Hablamos pronto, amigos.

    Southern California
    Weather Summary
    Warm Sunny Day
    83 degrees F


    Denise Hardoy

    I feel your pain about the PQ process. A necessary evil. Congrats on getting the green light. I look forward to reading about science at the South Pole!

    Janet Warburton

    It's been a quick process for you but we are glad you are joining the PolarTREC group! We look forward to following your expedition.