I came back east to visit family, and managed to schedule just a few school visits: West Chester Friends (West Chester, PA), Washington-Lee High School (Arlington, VA), St. Andrews School (Middletown, DE), and Harriton High School (Bryn Mawr, PA). Just a few. :) . So a day off down in Chestertown, MD at my old friend Lain's house, before I fly out tomorrow to be part of my mother in law's funeral in Watsonville, CA. I used to teach in Watsonville, and have scheduled two more days of presentations there next week.

    It's gone really well, but how many classes so far? 3+3+5+5= a lot. I did manage to talk about neutrinos and IceCube, and demonstrate a cloud chamber, and even got to talking about Puerto Rico. I'm very hopeful that my pal in teaching Steve Stevenoski, who's now at Harriton, will be able to organize a student group to join in with the Puerto Rico astronomy project I'm working on.

    One learning: I am so glad I put all my presentation materials are on Google Drive. For the most part, these schools' networks are so locked down, even the guest networks, that I had to use an on-site teacher's computer to do presentations. I think there was only one school where I was able to use my own computer. Also: don't expect YouTube to work in schools. Some places it works, but some places it is blocked. Fortunately, I had the movies I wanted on my Google Drive as well.