I set up a presentation at West Chester Friends Community School, where I attended 1st through 6th grade IN THE 1960's! They were actually very nice when I went to the Pole in 2002, and did a cover story about me in the alumni magazine, and I thought it would fun to return the favor, as long as I was going to be back east visiting family. Even better, my 84 year old mom, a 30+ year teaching veteran, was also visiting from Florida, and she came along. She taught reading at the school when I was there, and that made the gig even more special. We had to do dawn patrol to get up from Lewes, Delaware in the pouring rain of a tropical storm remnant, but got there in time with a hot cup of coffee, and GO! A group of 4th & 5th graders, then a group of kindergartners, and then a group of 1st graders. They were full of questions, and the hit of the day was trying on the cold weather gear, which PolarTREC teachers Kate & Deanna helped get to the school (thanks!). What a blast!