Today would be a half day for Mike and I spent on the lake in the am and the later afternoon spent working up data and taking care of general digital housekeeping. Also, our friend, UNIS professor, permafrost specialist, and supervisor of the AG212 course, Hanne Christiansen, arrived last night and joined us the in the field to work this morning with the karst groups. Hanne will be with us throughout the remainder of our time at Isfjord Radio, helping to guide the AG212 students to the end of their field work and give all of us a tour of her research areas out here on Monday.

Louise, Dagmar, and Mike about to go out coring.
Louise, Dagmar, and Mike psyched to go out coring.

Our modified lake group's objectives were to introduce Louise and Dagmar to the coring process while getting the last of Helena's thesis cores. In these final days of field work, we've tried to make an effort to let as many people in the group be exposed to as many field techniques as possible. With lake coring amongst my favorites, we had a great time on Linne and Dagmar got to pilot the 'big boat' for the first time. One of the more memorable quotes was also uttered when I looked back to see her smiling from ear to ear as we reached maximum velocity under the 25hp motor's power: "and to think…this is only the second time I've driven something with a motor, the first was a lawn-mower." We are all still alive…

Dagmar at the helm...
Dagmar at the helm...boat driving is a skill everyone should learn in the field as well

With groups being scattered to all sectors of the Linne valley, coordinating pick up times was a bit of a headache but manageable. The final solution was for the lake group to head back early and leave the boat at the northwestern shore for the karst folks at the end of the day. This meant donning a damp survival suit and crossing the outlet river on foot…not so bad given the fact that if I can't fish it, at least I've waded across it…

Headed to drop off 'the bus'
Headed to drop off 'the bus'

Crossing Linneelva to the north...
Crossing Linneelva to the north...I hope this suit doesn't leak.