July 6, 2008 - Even though it's hot and humid in Washington, DC and here in Albany, NY, the weather forecasts show beautiful weather for Kangerlussuaq, GL. Most days should be sunny and in the mid-60s. Summit Camp, on the other hand, is expected to be like the colder winter days of New England (my home town) - around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Right now it sounds pretty good, but we'll think it's chilly once we are there.

But we are ready! We've heard from a bunch of scientists that are already working in the field, and they are hoping to find the time to talk to our group next week. That's exciting, because it means we will get to learn about even more projects than we will get to see up-close-and-personal! And they have given us tips on places to visit in Kanger after our visit to the ice sheet.

It will be a short night. We have to be at the Air National Guard base by 5:30 a.m. to board the C-130 plane to Greenland. The hotel tells us that there are about 40 people who will be up before dawn tomorrow morning to join us for the taxi ride to the base. Wow! We are really on our way!

Wonder what our colleagues from Denmark and Greenland are thinking?

  • Kathy Gorski & Jennifer Thompson