July 12, 2008 - Saturday - Homebound

    Sorry there has been no communication from me in several days.  

    I have made it from Summit to Kangerlussuaq to Scotia, NY and now I am finally in the airport in Albany, NY...waiting for the next plane to take me to Minneapolis...then...finally to Billings!

    I didn't have internet because I was stayng at the Hotel Umimmak in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland instead of the KISS building (Kangerlussuaq International Science Support operated by the US National Science Foundation) to post updates so I will make a short one now from the airport and tomorrow I will have a FULL update. 

    Leaving on a jet plane
    The Summit Campers pile into the Hercules for the flight off the ice.

    Hotel Umimmak
    The Musk Ox Inn, my rest stop in Kangerlussuaq.

    Ice Edge
    Flying from Summit to Kangerlussuaq, we went directly over the glacier near Kanger.

    I should be home in 7 hours!!!  I am getting anxious to see Christi and Danger (my dog) as well as all the friends and family I left behind 6 weeks ago!!!

    Stay Warm!! (I suppose I can no longer use this as a "closer" because when I stepped off the Herc at the NY Air Base, I almost choked on the HOT, HUMID air!!  It is going to take some real adjusting to get back into reality!

    Albany Airport
    Weather Summary
    HOT, HUMID! My body isn't very happy!
    Wind Speed