Well today marks the last day for me in the tunnel, tomorrow we head down the hill to the cabins below. It is a Norwegian holiday, their national day, and no one is available to supervise the tunnel. So today we just hauled the garbage to the helicopter and tidied up a bit in the lab. Pete checked his instruments to see if they still were recording and Ben took time to fix a few things. I am not clear on my internet connection for the next days, but I hope to see the rest of the glacier and make my way back to Oregon in these last days.

 A morning view of the glacier
The helicopter arrived right on time and we hauled the garbage out of the tunnel. The Penn State group will be flying over this glacier shortly with the helicopter and a radar imaging device. They will be able to peer through the ice and see the bedrock below.

The cold water dripping forms Stalactites and Stalagmites There are also Stalagmites on the floor of the side cave. This is the mineral "ice" ...." class="standalone-image" />
just another view.... in this tunnel the door is shut to keep it cool enough for these stalactites to form.

Glacier bears
The glacier bears have a secret behind the door