Today is Easter Sunday here in Russia. A quiet day here with many of our group sleeping late. I will be here in Pevek two more days before I fly to Moscow. I have edited several more videos that I recorded while at the lake. The first video is another in my series of conversations with Julie. Following up yesterday's video about measurements in the physical properties laboratory, in this video, Julie discusses some of the first science results from the lake.


Here is another that Julie and I had fun discussing and I had fun putting together... This really should have been posted on April 1st , but, because of the earlier delays, we were not yet at the lake. In addition, until arriving back in Pevek, I have not had the time to work on the video! It is not definitely not S-n-L, but what do you expect for a couple of geologists who voluntarily travel to Siberia!


T-Mart... staying warm in Siberia

Pevek, Chukotka