Feeling Like Magellan

The sea is dangerous and the storms terrible, but those obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore...

-Ferdinand Magellan, 1519

Follow me, as I embark on a journey around the globe. Four continuous days of travel, five planes, two back to back red-eyes, eighteen time zones, and nearly 10,000 miles. Click the "Video" bar below to nearly circumnavigate the globe from Saratoga, Wyoming to the Northeast Science Station in Cherskiy, Russia. Here we will spend the next month gathering scientific data to better understand climate change.



Hi! What an exhausting venture. I was wondering, the last leg of your trip seems like it's to a pretty remote region, was it a normal size plane you took?

Amanda Ruland

Hi Bridget!! It was not a normal sized plane in the slightest :). It was a small jet from the 60s that could have held approximately 30-40 passengers, had all the seats been occupied. The interior was about the size of a school bus. There were only 13 people on our flight and buckled in our carry-ons in the seat next to us. You can find out more in my latest journal entry!

Catherine Messmer

Comment here. How's the weather?

Amanda Ruland

It's been HOT the last couple of days, which has made the mosquitoes very bad. Today there was a nice breeze and some cloud cover, mid 70s. Far fewer bugs.

Lesley Peck

I can’t wait to hear more about your journey! Glad things are going well so far. I’ll wait to watch a Handmaid’s Tale until you get back. :)