Weather: Snow

Location: McMurdo Science Station

Moat Boat at Lake Bonney Camp
Lake Bonney Camp. This is how we cross the moats to get back to camp from working out on the ice. These camps are now closing down for the season. Winter is coming.

Many of the field camps are closing down now to overnight stays. Support staff are out there preparing the camps, like the ones I have shown you from Lake Fryxell and Lake Bonney, for Antarctic's harsh winter season. Our team is still planning several trips out into our Dry Valley work areas. We will be doing day trips, unless the weather decides to turn and prevent the helicopters from coming in and picking us up, thus turning our day trip into a several day trip. We always get dropped off with our survival bags so staying an extra day or two out there would be no big deal.

We have turned in our request for a helicopter to get us back out tomorrow, but that is not looking likely. Due to snow, no flights went today, which means all of those flights will probably be moved to tomorrow. Also, some dignitaries flew in tonight and will probably be using the helicopters to get around.

Check out this video to find out why you get sunburned worse when on snow compared to working in the yard?

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