11 January 2019 Am I In The Dry Valleys Or Mars?

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9th grade student
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While you get to do cool Antarctic scientific research, we get to "train" termites...which you know both are cool.

Training termites!! Holy cow,

Training termites!! Holy cow, that sounds awesome. You'll have to show me how to do that. Enjoy.

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Body Clock

When you were eating dinner, did you feel as though the day wasn't even close to over yet? Or has your body already adapted to the constant sunlight?

Awesome question Ryatt. It's

Awesome question Ryatt. It's super weird for sure, but to tell you the truth, I am ready for dinner all the time. Where it catches up with me is after dinner, while we are visiting about plans for the next day, sun shining brightly, and then we all realize it's midnight and we need to be up in just a few hours. I seem to be doing fine with just a few hours of sleep each day. Thanks for the question Ryatt.

Mike Hartzell
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Congratulations Kevin Dickerson

Just wanted to wish you good luck in your research in that far away land. You make AF and PG proud!!!!

Thanks Mike. Awesome of you

Thanks Mike. Awesome of you to say that. Thanks for checking in.

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Location: Many Glacier Pond
Latitude: 77° 35' 49.2" N
Longitude: 163° 19' 19.2" E
Weather Summary: Partly Cloudy
Temperature: 27
Wind Speed: 10

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