It's coming up on 2am. I am so tired. Here is a quick summary of our day and then I'm closing my eyes for a couple hours.

Woke up to a fire alarm in McMurdo this morning. Just a drill. Ate breakfast in the galley. Always good food there, and a lot of it. Notified we were on a weather delay and would not fly until noon. Made our flight. Flew over McMurdo Sound. Spotted the Coast Guard icebreaker headed towards McMurdo. Orca whales in open ocean. Several groups of seals and penguins. Flew into Many Glaciers Basin where we sampled our P3 experiment for most of the day. Hiked through Taylor Valley a few miles (which looked like the surface of Mars) to get to our camp at Fryxell Lake. Ate dinner. Set up tents. The sun is blazing overhead now, as always. This place is beautiful beyond description. I just don't have the energy now to try and describe it. I need a couple of hours of sleep before we need to hike out to our next area.

Flying to Dry Valleys
Flying in our helicopter into the Dry Valleys.

Walking in Dry Valleys
Hiking to camp through the Dry Valleys. This has to be what walking on Mars would look like.

Night night

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