1 December 2018 Happy Antarctica Day!

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very fun ideas to engage your teens


I loved this post. Very delightful to read. I wish you well in Antarctica!

Thanks Michelle. I hope the

Thanks Michelle. I hope the time just flies for you until your trip.

Antarctica Day!

Kevin, What a great way to recognize Antarctica day! I especially like the "all expense paid trip to Antarctica" that the winners received! It won't be long for you now! What are you looking forward to for your expedition?

Looking forward to...

So much to look forward to. I'd say I am looking forward to everything starting with the flight to New Zealand and the short visit there, the miserable 8-hr flight in the LC-130 to the ice, witnessing the McMurdo culture and people, heli flights out to the Dry Valleys and camping there in the high winds, doing professional science, meeting Mr. Frosty, and my weekly 2-minute warm shower.

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